Registration Strategy and Status

  • Efficacy of BF1002 verified by Belvedere Foliar and third parties.
  • BF1002 active ingredient granted Biochemical classification by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • BF1002 granted PRIA category B590 by USEPA and pending application for category B614 will significantly reduce the duration and costs of application.

The efficacy of 
BF1002 has been verified through Belvedere Foliar testing, as well as, by third-party independent contract research organizations and by university weed scientists. The BF1002 active ingredient was granted Biochemical Active Ingredient classification by the USEPA which significantly lessens the cost and shortens the review of the registration process. A Pre-Submission Meeting with the USEPA resulted in BF1002 being granted PRIA category B590: New active ingredient, food use. A petition to establish tolerance exemption (18 months + 21 days) was successfully argued. BelFol’s request to the USEPA  for waivers of certain new study and data requirements is under review with a decision expected by the end of 2023.

The USEPA mandated Product Chemistry and Composition, Analysis and Certified Limits and Physical and Chemical Characteristics requirements have been completed. In addition, testing is underway to satisfy the Acute “6-Pack” test requirements (Acute oral, Acute dermal, Acute inhalation, Primary eye, Primary dermal, Dermal sensitization) necessary for registration consideration.

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