Field adjuvant efficacy trial, November 2021. Photo © T. Gamble

About Belvedere Foliar LLC

Belvedere Foliar LLC (BelFol) is developing a suite of environmentally benign and highly effective nonselective post-emergence bioherbicides based on the concept of “nutrient disruption”. Certain BelFol formulas rely on excessive foliar uptake and translocation of macronutrients sufficient to kill the tops and roots of weeds by contact systemic activity. Other BelFol formulas rely on burndown alone. The benefits of nutrient disruption include the absence of toxic soil residue, safety for handlers and applicators, reduced environmental impact, beneficial addition of small amounts of plant nutrient to soils, and improved public perception of these products for weed control. Simple in concept, the effectiveness of these foliar bioherbicides is based on patented aqueous formulas that optimize the acidity and cuticular conditioning required for the absorption of a phytotoxic level of nutrient, while at the same time delaying cuticular disruption sufficiently to prolong the nutrient absorption and translocation required to kills the weed systemically.

Although it is known that a concentrated solution of certain commercial fertilizers can burn down weeds, this off-label and prohibited practice can contaminate soil, surface- and groundwaters. This is a special concern with nitrate, phosphate, and chloride-based fertilizers. BelFol formulations incorporate nutrients at concentrations far below the amounts harmful to soils and waters.

Belvedere Foliar has successfully petitioned the USEPA to classify the active ingredient of its leader formulation, BF1002, as a biochemical active ingredient and is eligible for review in Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division (BPPD). Belvedere Foliar is currently undergoing certification studies required for USEPA registration necessary for the commercial development of Ready-to-Use (RTU) and Liquid Concentrate (LC) formulations.

Belvedere Foliar is now looking to establish licensing agreements with commercial agriculture industry partners interested in  commercial development of our bioherbicide formulas. These agreements can be broad or focused, for example involving weed control and nutrient supplementation for a specific market sector such as specialty crops, trees/nut/vines, or row crops, and in different geographical regions. The benign nature of the nutrient-active ingredients and adjuvants are especially appropriate for use in schools and playgrounds, municipal applications, and eventually in organic agriculture. Please contact us to discuss the availability of product samples for your testing and verification.

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